Variations Theatre Group is an independent theatre company of collaborating artists whose goal is to produce intellectually engaging, muscular theatre. Storytelling is our catalyst for the cultivation of original texts and for the reclaiming of existing plays for a modern audience.

  • VTG defines muscular theatre as strong, visceral language that elicits from the audience the experience of live, raw, emotion.
  • VTG is accessible and affordable
  • VTG believes in breathing new life into existing plays
  • VTG is the resident company at the Chain Theatre in Long Island City where they serve their community as an independent theatre 




About Variations Theatre Group:


VTG is a company in motion:

In three short seasons VTG has produced three (3) existing plays, three (3) original full length productions, and four (4) theatre festivals.  The Harvest Theatre Festival and the Avante Garde Arts Festival alone have served over sixty (60) playwrights, and given hundreds of actors the opportunity to practice their craft. Through The Minor Variations Project VTG also develops new plays over a 6 month period. Each play is then performed during one of our festivals. We stage all work that we develop.


VTG is an independent theatre company:

This is to say that in today’s world where Broadway has become highly commercialized, and Off-Broadway, once a bastion of new work, is quickly becoming an exercise in academia. Independent theatre, As Edward Albee says; “Is where the most vital work in New York City is being done”. VTG embraces that vitality and we pride ourselves on taking risks that will inspire and engage our audience.


VTG is accessible and affordable: 

We are not just accessible in terms of location and ticket prices. Our company strives to be professional and approachable in all facets of the production process and while working with all artists. We afford our audience the opportunity to see quality theatre.


Variations Theatre Group is a not for profit organization and donations are tax deductible.


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