The 2015 Unchained Theatre Festival!


Variations Theatre Group is proud to present the third annual Unchained Play Festival; presenting new work at the Chain Theatre in Long Island City.


 Nominations & Winners:


Best Supporting Actress:
Jessica Rae Taylor (The Better Man)- WINNER
Sybil Lines (Alice!)
Kullan Edberg (God’s Last Day)


Best Supporting Actor:
Max Stampa Brown (God’s Last Day)
Nathaniel Janis (Outwitting the Voice)
Jayson Kerr (Alice!)
Deven Anderson (Alice!)
Kyle Kirkpatrick (Alice!)- WINNER
JP Zippi (Bed Bugs & Beyond)


Best Leading Actress:
Natalie Walker (God’s Last Day)
Kelsey Bowens (The Doctor)
Amanda Szymczak (Line Drive)
Sophie Vanier (Alice!)-WINNER


Best Leading Actor:
Danny Kevin Ryan (Line Drive)
Roger Wayne (The Better Man)
Georg Stavropoulos (God’s Last Day)
J. Julian Christopher (Oso Fabuloso)-WINNER


Projection Design:
Kelsey Bowens (The Doctor)-WINNER
David J. Palmer (Oso Fabuloso)


Best Ensemble:
Oso Fabuloso!
The Better Man-WINNER


Best Director:
Blake Walton (The Better Man)
Brennan Pickman-Thoon (God’s Last Day)

Maxime Briere (Line Drive)-WINNER

Best Short Play
God’s Last Day (Brennan Pickman-Thoon)-WINNER
GPS-AI (D.M. Rossi)
Ice Cream Man (Willie Johnson)
Line Drive (Sam Ciavarella)


Audience Favorite

Ice Cream Man-WINNER
Best Full Length
Tourniquet (Adrienne Schaffler)-WINNER
The Better Man (Blake Walton)
Oso Fabuloso! (J. Julian Christopher)


The Shorts:


Group A:
Ice Cream Man by Willie Johnson
The Door to Home by Eugene Grygo
Into the Night by Lilly Bolton


Group B:
God’s Last Day by Brennan Pickman-Thonn
GPS-AI by Don Cicchino


Group C:
Line Drive by Samantha Ciavarella
A Regretful Tea Party by Zachary Weed
Outwitting the Voice by Andres Anton

The Full Lengths:

Tourniquet by Adrienne Schaffler
Tickets: Friday 12th 7pm, Saturday 20th 2pm, Wednesday 24th at 9pm


Burqa and Rifle by Marlin Thomas


The Better Man by Blake Walton
How does a man reject what is expected before it’s too late, man up and find the guts to face his true love honestly?


Alice! by Patrick Cann
In “ALICE!” Nietzsche comes to Wonderland, rock n’roll rules like the Red Queen, and Alice might have to choke a bitch before she gets home.


¡Oso Fabuloso & the Bear Backs! The Rock Musical  Book & Lyrics by J. Julian Christopher —  Music by Steve Sclafani
A cautionary lesson in love.


Bedbugs and Beyond by Mark Blickley


Finals Schedule for Sunday June 28th:

Tourniquet – 11am  (Tickets)

The Better Man – 12:30pm (Tickets)

Shorts Finals – 2:30pm (Tickets)
God’s Last Day
Ice Cream Man
Line Drive

Oso Fabuloso – 5:30pm (Tickets)

Presentation – 8pm


Performances at:

The Chain Theatre

21-28 45 RD Long Island City

Subways: 7, E, G, M at the Court Square Station

Just 10 minutes from midtown!


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