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Variations Theatre Group is embarking on the next step in our journey and opening our own theatre space in Long Island City; The Chain Theatre

Converting a space into a performance venue is hard work and our labor of love. By donating to The Chain Theatre, you are contributing to the countless artists that will be bringing their passion and talent to Long Island City for years to come. Actors, directors, playwrights, stage managers, technicians, and entire theatre companies will have a place to call home. The funding of this project will assist in the renovation of the space, acquiring equipment, and developing the upcoming season.


Theatre is one of the last few shared experiences we can have together as a community. Real live people
putting their hearts and souls out there on the stage. As an audience it happens right in front of us. No
close ups, no edits, just live raw emotion. Feel free to smile, cry, laugh, cringe, and be moved by a real
3D experience.

Variations Theatre Group is a non-profit theatre company with extremely ambitious goals. We want to not
only help the theatre community, but the whole community. We will be creating high quality theatre by
working with young artists on our main stage productions. We are mounting a traveling show that will tour
schools and retirement communities. We are supporting new playwrights by producing their original work
on the New York stage. During our productions Thursday nights are “Pay What You Can Nights”, where
anyone can come see a high quality theatrical performance even in these hard economic times. These
are our goals. Our promises to you of how we will bring the arts to anyone we can in our community. How
will we do this? With your support. The smallest donation can help further our cause. Thank you for
supporting us and we hope to pay it forward!

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