November 6th-23rd, 2014

Variations Theatre Group is proud to host the 5th annual Harvest Theatre Festival.
The Harvest Theatre Festival is part of VTG’s core mission: to provide an opportunity for artists to develop fresh, new work.

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Tickets are $15

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Performances take place at

The Chain Theatre

21-28 45 RD Long Island City

Subways: 7, E, G, M at the Court Square Station

Just 10 minutes from midtown!



Written by Cecilia Copeland  (From the Minor Variations Playwrighting Lab)

Synopsis: In a future where a terrible tragedy has robbed the confidence and hope from  America, the country strives to regain itself as told through the story of one man. Ignacio is the best donor to the program of Biolife, a newly government sponsored program which promotes a happy life through the use of artificial emotions. Prom Queens and Prisoners donate their happiness which gets watered down and sold to the public at large. Ignacio must decide if living in the real world is better than a false one, and whether he can find a way to be a man with or without his father’s approval.


Friday Nov 14th at 8:30pm, Saturday Nov 15th at 5pm, Sunday Nov 16th at 5pm, Thursday Nov 20th at 8pm, Friday Nov 21st at 8pm, November 22nd at 2pm

Reading Under the Influence

Written by Tony Glazer  (From the Minor Variations Playwrighting Lab)

Synopsis: In Reading Under the Influence, the wine hits the fan as the women of the Westchester Book Club gather to discuss their current required reading, The Homeless Dogs of Egypt.  During their chardonnay-fueled discussion, they find out that the rights to their book club have been sold to a reality TV production company.  It’s “Noel Coward” meets the “Real Housvives”

Don’t judge a book club by its cover… you never know how the pages will turn!


Friday Nov 7th at 8pm, Saturday Nov 8th at 5pm, Thursday Nov 13th at 9pm, Saturday Nov 15th at 1pm, Sunday Nov 16th at 8pm, Saturday Nov 22nd at 5pm, Sunday Nov 23rd at 4pm

The Vengeance Room / Renaissance Dueling Play

Written by Michael Hagins

Synopsis: The Vengeance Room:  5 people are trapped in a room with 4 weapons and only one way out.

Synopsis: Renaissance Dueling Play:  A chauvinistic swordsman tells stories related to the various reasons and history of dueling.


Thursday Nov 6th at 8pm, Saturday Nov 8th at 2pm, Saturday Nov 8th at 8pm, Sunday Nov 9th at 2pm, Sunday Nov 23rd at 1pm

SKA Days

Written by Chelsea Sanz in collaboration with Kathleen Granados

Synopsis: On the edge of a wrinkle in time two worlds meet. Two pairs of lovers’ stories combine and intertwine. The story is underscored by the pulse and beat of ska/punk music and the softness of film. This is a multi‐media experimentation of love, loss, destruction, time and innocence.


Wednesday Nov 12th at 7pm, Friday Nov 14th at 7pm, Saturday Nov 15th at 3:30pm, Sunday Nov 16th at 3pm , Wednesday Nov 19th at 8pm

Ocht Bufalo Presents: Breakfast in Cold Blood, an Evening with Truman Capote

Written by Griffin Hennelly

Synopsis for Breakfast in Cold Blood:  An evening with Truman Capote

Synopsis for America This Is Quite Serious:  A Comedy Revue: A collection of monologues and scenes woven together and performed by a group of players.


Wednesday Nov 12th at 8:30pm, Thursday Nov 13th at 7pm, Saturday Nov 15th at 8pm, Sunday Nov 16th at 1pm, Tuesday Nov 18th at 8pm.



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