The 2013 Harvest Theatre Festival

Variations Theatre Group, Inc (VTG) is proud to host the 4th annual Harvest Theatre Festival.  The Harvest Theatre Festival is part of VTG’s core mission: to provide an opportunity for artists to develop fresh, new work. The selected plays will be staged at the Chain over two weeks; each play will have an opportunity to impress both audiences and a panel of judges composed of esteemed professionals from the theatrical and literary world. At the closing ceremony, awards will also be given out for Best Play, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Ensemble.

There is a lot to be excited about this year! During the festival there will also be performances of:

  • Two Chairs by Richard L. Gaw. Last year’s winner mounted in a full production!
  • A co-production of the Ivy Theatre Company’s show Mill Fire by Sally Nemeth
  • And staged reading performances from the Minor Variations Project Playwrighting Lab


Performances took place at

The Chain Theatre

21-28 45 RD Long Island City

Subways: 7, E, G, M at the Court Street Station

Group 1:

Howard Ink! by Lynda Crawford (view profile)

The Horses in Central Park by Paul Hufker (view profile)

Performing: Friday Nov. 15th at 7pm, Saturday Nov. 16th at 9PM, Tuesday Nov. 19th at 9pm, Thursday Nov. 21st at 9pm

Group 2:

Tea and Talk and Okay by Julia Izumi (view profile)

Egg on a Leash by Zellie Y Thomas (view profile)

Holy Hands by Griffin Hennelly (view profile)

Walter Lawrence by Brandon Ferraro (view profile)

Performing: Saturday Nov. 16th at 7pm, Sunday Nov. 17th at 5PM, Wednesday Nov. 20th at 9pm, Friday Nov. 22nd at 9pm 


Two Chairs by Richard L. Gaw

Starring: Tania Asnes, Dan Evashevski, and Will W. Warren*

*Actor appears courtesy Actors Equity Association.   Two Chairs is an Equity Approved Showcase

It is winter 2012. We open on a luxury hotel suite high atop Manhattan at the end of a long day of press interviews for the #1 movie in America, the action blockbuster Ambotron. The star and his agent are working to keep the lid on a scandal from the star’s past that threatens to burst forth. Into the tangle of secrecy walks a young and unpopular Smith College newspaper reporter… and you’ll see what happens next.

Performing: Friday Nov. 15th at 9pm, Sunday Nov. 17th at 3pm, Monday Nov. 18th at 8pm, Friday Nov. 22nd at 7pm, Saturday Nov. 23rd at 5pm, Sunday Nov. 24th at 3pm

Ivy Theatre Company’s Mill Fire  by Sally Nemeth

On the anniversary of a catastrophic steel mill explosion that shook a small Alabama community, Marlene grapples with the loss of her husband and the circumstances surrounding his death. Will she acquiesce and take the mill’s settlement, or make good on her promise and tell them to shove it?

Performing: Saturday Nov. 16th at 4pm and Sunday Nov. 17th at 7PM

Minor Variations Theatre Project

Confirmation by Vincent Marano

  • Is identity inherited or are we just responsible for the person we’ve become? When an idealistic teacher sees his beliefs and his reality collide, will his student, friends and family survive the fallout?

Performing: Tuesday Nov.12th at 7pm, Wednesday Nov. 20th at 6:30pm

Decompression by Maggie Cino

  • Katie’s ecstasy isn’t working.  Amanda never liked it anyway.  It’s Burning Man Decompression night and eight bored hipsers invent a lottery.  Things turn ugly, alliances shift, and an unexpected guest changes everything.  A year later, they’re still coming down.

Performing: Wednesday Nov. 13th at 7pm, Thursday Nov. 14th at 7pm

Losing Our Heads: The Guillotine Play by Nina Mansfield

  • Losing Our Heads: The Guillotine Play is a comedy that juxtaposes absurdist vignettes about the bizarre history of the guillotine with the post-beheading loves, lives and struggles of  historical figures who now exist in a very contemporary version of the afterlife. Beneath its comedic surface, the play examines humanity’s violent history.

Performing: Tuesday Nov. 19th at 7pm, Thursday Nov. 21st at 7pm

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