The First Frost Festival showcases new work based on originality, inspiration, and innovation. 

Performances at:

The Chain Theatre

21-28 45 RD Long Island City

Subways: 7, E, G, M at the Court Square Station

Just 10 minutes from midtown!


Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door for most events
Click on Event date and time for more information

It’s A Wonderful Life

A New Radio Adaptation Written and Directed by Greg Cicchino!

An exciting and enchanting take on the timeless Christmas and American classic with live sound effects and music. Starring Justin Randolph* as George Bailey and Leigh Anne West* as Mary. Also featuring Nick Fondulis* Clint Carter, Sebastian Gutierrez, Patrick Pizzoloruzzo*, Alexandra Rose Kopko and Jackie Collier*.

(* Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association)

December 4 at 8pm, December 6th at 3pm, December 9 at 8pm, December 13th at 3pm and December 18th at 8pm


The Dare Project

taxdeductible theatre boldly returns with the most unreasonable Dare Project yet!

December 8th at 7pm and 9pm


New Works:

Benny & Griff’s Shake Your Crazies Out

Join musical comedy duo Benny and Griff on an absolutely insane journey in the magical land of Umbachtu as they sing, dance, meet some friends along the way and most importantly SHAKE YOUR CRAZIES OUT!

December 15th at 8pm


Do Re Mic

A show that combines stand-up comedy with musical improvisation. Stand-up comedians perform, each followed by an improvised song inspired by their set

December 13th at 8pm


It’s Later Than I Think!

Written and performed by Shaun O’Hagan
Directed by Jenny Beth SnyderSynopsis: A man reluctantly agrees to do a favor which leads him on a comic drive through Brooklyn. Along the way he confronts the 80′s, great parking, fatherhood, sonhood, death, and an ex girlfriend named Rambo!
Winner of the 2015 Best Storyteller Award for the United Solo Theatre Festival!

December 6th at 6pm and December 10th at 7pm


Queer Monologues

Synopsis: Based on real interviews and true stories. Sad, funny with a touch of history.

December 6th at 8pm, December 12th at 2pm, December 17th at 7pm



VoiceScapes Audio Theater

Synopsis: Original and dynamic audio plays for thoughtful grown-ups.

December 19th at 2pm


Who Doesn’t Love Ben Franklin?

by Brandon Ferraro


One year after the tragedy that killed one hundred, the town is still not the same.
Of those who responded, only one survived. Ben Roosevelt was named the “home town hero” for his service that day.  Since then he has struggled to live up to that title, to himself, and to those around him.

Who Doesn’t Love Ben Franklin? tells the story of the fall of the Great American Hero.  Four archetypes are given and then we are forced to question who really embodies this title; if anyone really can.

December 16 at 7pm


The Birthday 

December 7th at 7pm





Synopsis: 5 different patients, 5 different reasons. Do their conditions make them “crazy”?

Geography of Nowhere

Synopsis: Jimmy thinks his gangster days are finally over. He only has one job left to do… kill his best friend.


Synopsis: Complementary colors Orange and Blue are not an automatic couple. Blue is smitten and performs the most comical tasks to get Orange to trust her. But Orange has a secret she’s too ashamed to share. Imprint is a story of darlings, dread, and daring. Only through their shared experience, can these hues make peace with their true colors and support each other.

December 10th at 9pm, December 16th at 9pm, December 17th at 9pm


Movie Parody:

December 11, December 12, and December 19 Doors at 7pm

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