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The Shape of Things

Shape of Things

The Shape of Things written by Neil LaBute


Written by Neil LaBute

Directed by Rich Ferraioli



Kirk Gostkowski as Adam

Alice Bahlke as Evelyn

Melissa Haley Smith as Jenny

Deven Anderson as Phil


The Shape of Things was Variations Theatre Group’s first production.

It was met with such success that it premiered in April 2010 in Long Island

City and then transferred to the Access Theatre in Manhattan July 28th -

August 7th 2010.



Nerdy, shy English major Adam is surprised and thrilled when sexy art student Evelyn takes an interest in him—an interest that leads to a makeover of his life. Under Evelyn’s direction, Adam begins to work out, buys contact lenses, and even has plastic surgery. At first Adam’s friends Philip and Jenny are impressed by Evelyn’s positive influence, but when they begin to feel she’s gone too far, Evelyn orders Adam to abandon them. When his transformation is complete, Adam finds out that his relationship with Evelyn was about something other than love, and is left to ponder whether he is better or worse for having known her.

Artistic Director Rich Ferraioli brings his minimalist approach to this well known Neil LaBute play. With the help of designer R. Allen Babcock, Ferraioli creates a world where we constantly look at ourselves on display. We search or ponder for what it all means and how LaBute’s play was originally produced in 2001 at the Almeida Theatre in London starring Paul Rudd and Rachel Weisz. It has since been turned into a movie directed by Mr. LaBute himself.