Strangers written by Michael Edan - Oct 2011

Written by Michael Edan

Directed by Kirk Gostkowski




Anastasia Zorin as Claire

Sean Macbride Murray as Andrew

Jeffrey A. Wisniewski as Jonathan



Strangers was performed at the Hudson Guild Theatre

October 12th – 23rd 2011








How well do we know those who are most close to us? What is the source of one’s ethics and their claim upon one’s beliefs? Where is the line between faith and fallacy?

Claire, a minister’s wife, has a late night visit from a disoriented stranger, Andrew, at her isolated campsite while her husband is away getting additional provisions. Andrew’s unexpected presence weaves a conversation that is awkward, convivial, eerie, and ultimately unsettling. Three days later Claire is at home with her husband Jonathan, preparing for a banquet where he is being honored. A storm is approaching. An unexpected radio broadcast relays information about Andrew and activates Claire’s unresolved disquiet from her previous encounter. Sudden revelations plunge Claire and Jonathan into turmoil and a horrific dilemma where repressed emotions escalate into a battle of wills. More is at stake than the survival of their marriage.

Variations Theatre Group, in association with its second annual Harvest One-Act Play Festival, proudly presents the
World Premiere of STRANGERS, a full length drama written by the 2010 Festival winner for Best Play Michael Edan.
Michael Edan’s 90 minute play will be presented during the Harvest One Act Play festival in mid October.

As part of his award in 2010, Michael was given the opportunity by Variations Theatre Group to develop an original full
length production. STRANGERS is directed by VTG Associate Artistic Director Kirk Gostkowski