Testimonials from past Chain NYC Film Festival participants:


“The Chain NYC Film Festival is a film festival that goes above and beyond the normal festival fanfare. There are festivals that treat the filmmakers well and then there is the Chain Festival where you can tell by the in-depth Q&A questions after each screening that the head of the festival, Kirk Gostkowski, has watched and thought about every single film that screens at the festival. From the friendly staff to the way the festival fully supported PR for films including bringing in local newspapers and welcoming additional camera support, I cannot speak more highly of the festival. In the Closing Ceremonies, when Kirk and the staff highlighted two amazing shorts that the rest of the filmmakers may have not had a chance to see, and screened them additionally for the full audience, you fully realized how much film means to this festival and that it is a festival about supporting the beauty of film making and every aspect that goes into it.”

Evan Bass Zeisel
Producer/Writer The Eve, narrative feature film

 ”I wanted to let you know Chain NYC has been the BEST experience I’ve had thus far at any festival. I was getting quite disheartened with the whole festival experience as I attended many where the organizers did not care about the films or the filmmakers.  We were potential ticket sales and nothing more.  Chain, however, blew all of that out of the water with filmmaker’s meet and greet, intimate screenings, the award ceremony, and most of all, a warm and friendly team who really appreciated us artists and who worked so hard to throw the best festival they could.  Even more impressive that it’s your inaugural year!  I see only wonderful things in your theatre’s future and hope to return soon to catch a flick.  You can be sure my next film will definitely be submitted to Chain NYC.  Thank you for restoring my faith in film festivals!”

Cidney Hue

Director/ Writer, Odessa, narrative short film

“I’ve participated in numerous film festivals and NYC Chain Film Festival stands out as one of the best. Not only are the selection of films superb, but the staff made a point of getting to know me and really supporting my film.  All too often, small films can get lost in the shuffle of a festival.  Not at Chain NYC.  Every film, no matter the length, budget, or genre counts here.  What’s more, the Chain NYC staff publicizes your film in the largest market in the United States.  That alone is worth the submission price.”

Richard Uhlig

Writer / Co-Director, My Kansas, a documentary short film

“The Chain NYC Film Festival was a great experience.  Kirk, Christina and everyone there run a top-notch, professional festival with a distinct voice that affords independent filmmakers an opportunity to connect with new audiences in New York City.  The films are shown in a wonderful theatre on a large, ceiling-to-floor screen with great sound and their sense of programming is excellent.  For our narrative feature “Saturnalia”, they included short films on the program that were high in quality and thematically consistent.  Kirk was also an excellent interviewer for each and every post-screening talkback, giving us a forum to further connect with the audience.  It’s very clear they’re true fans and champions of independent film.”
Tom Ashton
Actor/Producer, Saturnalia, a narrative feature film
“We had a great time at the Chain NYC Film Festival.  The communication with festival staff is fantastic; they really take care of their filmmakers well (something not every festival can boast).  Everyone on site was welcoming and friendly to our guests, and after seeing our film – a movie musical – at a number of different venues, I can honestly say that the picture and sound quality was the best by far at the Chain.  Highly recommended!”
Katie Zaffrann
Executive Producer / Star, NAKED: a musical short film

“The Chain NYC Film Festival put films and filmmakers first, something other festivals seem to have forgotten about.

Unlike a lot of festivals out there, the Chain NYC Film Festival provided us with a wonderful venue to showcase our film; these people really care about making sure your film is presented in the best possible light.

From the excellent screening facilities, to the way we were kept informed every step of the way, the Chain NYC Film Festival and Kirk showed us there are still people who are as passionate about independent filmmaking as the filmmakers themselves.

As an independent filmmaker, you put a lot more than money and time in your film; you put a bit of yourself in it, your passion and love for film. Sending your work out to festivals can therefore be a stressful experience. Add to this the fact that there are now what seems to be an endless number of festivals, some of which seem to be more interested in promoting themselves instead of the films they program. Worst of all, sometimes you get the feeling that nobody actually watched your screener, and you just flushed your entry fee down the drain; why else would a festival not even bother keeping you updated about their selection process after their miss their own notification deadline? Or even bother letting you know you didn’t make the cut? This is why it is especially important to let others know when you find a film festival that from the get go shows you they respect you and your work; this is the case with the Chain NYC Film Festival and its Artistic Director, Kirk Gostkowski. Simply put, we were treated like fellow filmmakers (surely because of Kirk’s own background as an actor and director), and our film was screened in a beautiful facility. The gang at Chain actively promoted the screenings, were extremely well organized, outreached to media, and made us feel like they truly valued our work. Crazy, no? I think their loyalty to true independent filmmaking (and not those huge budget Hollywood films masquerading as independents) is also reflected in the eclectic nature of their programming (my film, for instance, is a microbudget indie thriller feature). This is the kind of film festival that reminds you of what film festivals used to be when they first sprang up all over the place, back when they focused on films instead of themselves. Hopefully the Chain NYC Film Festival will get the support and notoriety they deserve, by both filmmakers and everyone who truly values independent cinema.”

Gustavo Mercado

Writer / Director, Saturnalia, a narrative feature film

“Kirk Gostkowski and company are a class act on so many levels.  Not only is the Chain Film Festival a professional, filmmaker’s film festival, it is also a welcoming event for artists.  The coordinators understand cinema, as they are also creators.  I would submit to Chain any time.  I feel blessed and honored to have been a part of this festival!  Hear, hear to the Chain Film Festival and many, many successful festival years to come for them.”

Christopher Malinowski

Director/ Writer/ Lead Actor, Yes, My Tide Is Cold and Dark, Sir, narrative feature film

“For an inaugural film festival, The Chain NYC Film festival felt like it had been running for years.  A film festival run by film lovers in a fantastic space in NYC. It was refreshing to participate in a film festival that appreciated a myriad of genre’s, styles and budgets, it was a film festival that felt very inclusive with a focus on making the  film makers welcome and a diverse selection of films to indulge every film lovers tastes. I would recommend this burgeoning festival to any potential film makers who wish to submit their work into this festival and I am sure it will only evolve into an annual event we can all aspire to submit our work to in the future.”
Douglas Christian
Director Citizen 54, a short narrative film

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