A Celebration of Karen Black

Karen Black is one of the most important women in the history of film.  Her work in Five Easy Pieces, Nashville, Easy Rider and countless other movies will continue to astonish audiences forever.  A year after her passing, we look to celebrate her work and life in a retrospective to an icon of cinema.

Saturday August 16th at 5:00pm (TICKETS)

Retrospective; 10 mins; edited by Stephen Eckelberry, Karen’s husband

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Karen Black: On Acting

Directed by Russell Brown; 75 minutes

In March of 2013, actress Karen Black revealed publicly that she had been battling cancer for several years. A few months earlier, in January, the Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner sat with director Russell Brown to share 40 years’ worth of insight into the craft of acting.

In 75 minutes, this in-depth interview covers everything from perfecting regional accents to finding a character’s inner needs from one of the most respected performers of her generation.

Saturday August 16th at 7pm (TICKETS)

Mama at Midnight
Written by Karen Black

A reading of Karen’s play performed by Karen’s friends: Sean Young (Blade Runner, No Way Out), Andrea McArdle (Tony Nominee Annie), and Karen’s sister Gail Brown (Another World).


The dutiful Karen has come home to care for her sick mother Elise.  She enters a surreal world where compassion triggers memories that are painful. Elise needs constant attention and isn’t able to take care of herself.  She needs her daughter, depends on her daughter, but does she love her? The two women engage and provoke each other and force old wounds to be opened and examined. A battle of wills ensues as mother and daughter drive each other to extremes. In this memory play: who is healing whom, and who is inflicting the real wounds?

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