Saturday August 15



Return to Oz 30th Anniversary Celebration

Screening of the 1910 Silent Film, Live Performances from the Musical Adaptations and a screening of Return to Oz.  Complementary wine and snacks will be included.

*Special Event (Festival passes excluded)


The world of Oz has brought so much joy to millions since the beginning of the 20th century.  The 1910 Silent Film is one of the oldest surviving films and shows people’s fascination early on with L. Frank Baum’s creation.  From musicals to movies the story of Oz has been reimagined time and time again and for many the cult classic Return to Oz stands out as a favorite.

Return to Oz follows Dorothy Gale six months after she has returned home from Oz.  She has become melancholic and obsessed with Oz to the point that she can’t sleep.  This worries Uncle Henry and Aunt Em so much that they have her visit a Doctor who is convinced electro shock treatments could cure her condition.  With the help of a mysterious girl Dorothy manages to escape in the middle of the night and return to the Land of Oz.  But this is not the Oz she knows.  The Yellow Brick Road is torn apart and the Emerald City is in ruins!  She seeks her friends and attempts to restore Oz to the magnificent land it should be!


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