A Box Came to Brooklyn Interview Questions: 

Jay Cusato


When did your fascination with unidentified boxes begin?


I wouldn’t call it a fascination with boxes; I would say I have more of a fascination with the Twilight Zone.


You have a fantastic cast of characters, what was your casting process like?


I wrote the film with Anthony DeVito. Both of us have worked in the industry for some time. As we were finishing the script we would think of actors we wanted to play certain roles people we have worked with. I had a few casting calls but for the most part it was actors we have worked with in the past and wanted to work with again.


Have you ever ‘seen something and said something’?


No, I have never seen anything. But if I did I would say something.


What trauma did you encounter as a child with realtors?


I grow in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Here my entire life 40 years. When I was a kid and young adult no one gave a crap about this neighborhood. Houses couldn’t even sell for $50,000. Only stores were 99cent stores.Then about 15 years ago gentrification started, realtors coming around, the neighborhood got hot and now those same houses go for 1.5 or 2 million dollars. I have been priced out of my own neighborhood, the Park Slope I grow up in is now cut into 6 different neighborhoods. South Slope, Greenwood Heights, Gowans, Gowans Heights etc… It has left a bad taste in my mouth. Everyone I grow up with sold for a lot less then what houses are going for now, realtors would tell people “its not going to go any higher” this was like 1993. But the prices kept climbing and still are. Where I live isn’t even called/considered Park Slope any more. So its like I moved into a new neighborhood without moving.


If you were an alien would you take over the world through the real estate market?


No, if I were an alien going to take over the world I would start a corporation or a bank. They seem to be taking over the world as is.


When was the last time you trusted someone? Was it a mistake?


I trust my barber,  no regents.

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