Q: How long have you been developing the idea for this film?

A: Around eight years ago, I saw “What the Bleep do We Know” and the documentary touched base on Dr. Emotes water experiments.  The concept of changing water structure stuck with me from then on. Like most people, when you believe in something you want to share it with as many people as possible. Asfascinating the concept of influencing water structureis, I didn’t feel like it was enough to hold up on screen, because the concept alone only implies potential, so the other writers, (Jahanara Saleh  AustinGreen) and I spend around six months developing the story into something that people could relate to. We essentially exaggerated the truth of the concept.  

Q: How many people do you think would take part in the charged water experiments shown in the film?

A: The way the charged water experiments were shown in the film made the water limited, which was used to raise the stakes. But I think if there was a product in the major market that people has access to, most everyone would use it. It would be the most healthy, natural and inexpensive way to help overcome physical and emotional illnesses.  The interesting thing is, people have the ability to create charged water now by simply ripping the label of their bottle and writing the charge you want or need on it with a marker, (the idea is to write the counteract to your issue, so if your tired you would write “Energy”) the unfortunate thing is we live in a “whatever’s the most convenient” age,and the thirty seconds to do this is too much time. 

So if there was a product that was offered charged water, I think most everyone would drink it, and if the charge could be efficiently concentrated, it would eliminate the need for a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. I am sure we will see this in stores in the near future, as for now I do believe Dr. Emoto has created something similar to this idea called “Water with Intention” ,  but I think its only sold online and in a whole foods in southern California.

Q: Scott Wolf is such a perfect fit for this role. Did you write it with him in mind? How did he get involved in this project?

A: We didn’t write the script with anyone in mind. After casting Melissa Deppe Fischer (Kate), we auditioned around for months and could not find the right match for her. We had passed a script along to Scott, through our Executive Producer, not long after, Scott called and expressed a strong interest, but he was in production with “V” at the time, so it was tricky to go into production. But we finally made it happen.

Q: Scott Wolf gives an extremely impressive performance in this film and different from anything else I’ve seen him in. Are you excited for people to see another side of him?

A: I am very excited for people to see what Scott Wolf did in Imagine, before production, rather than studying his work, I decided to not watch any of his films or shows, I knew I was wanting something different and fresh from him and being the great actor he is, I didn’t want to be influenced by any of his past works. The script called for a very dynamic character, and these kinds of roles are extremely challenging to execute.Scott did an incredible job and brought the writing to life well beyond the page, and the entire team is incredibly thankful to have him in the film. 

The hardest part of editing this film was I could not use the process of elimination, because all the takes where spot on. 

Q: The theme of forgiveness is explored in detail in the film.  Is this specific to this film or do you find yourself talking about this theme in some of your other works?

A: It’s a theme that has been in past works as well as the feature I am writing right now. But, Imagine definitely weighs on it a little more then the rest. 

Q: Is your brother the Director of Photography on the film? The cinematography of the film is quite amazing. Can you talk about your working relationship while filming? Do you recommend families work together?

A: Yes, Austin (D.P.) is my brother. He is a very talented Director of photography, I like working with him because he brings emotional quality and weight to the picture in a way I cannot describe or identify.  

Working with family is always a tricky thing,sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Any family that I work with I make clear that the family & Friendship doors are being shut. That way nobody has to worry about getting feelings hurt and the open communication that needs to pass through can.  I like working with family because it feels like there is already a strong foundation to build off of.






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