2013 Chain NYC Film Festival Winners

The Winners for 2013:

The Shorts:
Best Musical Short: Naked
Best Suspense Short: Ta
Best Comedy Short: Mama Needs A Ride
Best Action Short: Citizen 54
Best International Short: Clouds
Best Narrative Super Short: And How!
Best Documentary Super Short: Ganesh Is Fresh
Best Cinematography of A Short: The Estate
Best Actor in a Short: Kresh Novakovic for Tammy
Best Actress in a Short: Cathy Moriarity for Tammy 
Best Director of A Documentary Short: Richard Uhlig and Don Cato for My Kansas
Best Documentary Short: My Kansas
Best Director of a Narrative Short: Cidney Hue for Odessa
Best Narrative Short: Odessa
The Features:
Best Director of A Documentary Feature: Bob Baldori for Boogie Stomp!
Best Cinematography: Saturnalia
Best Ensemble: Theresa Is A Mother
Best Actor: Will Chase for The Butterflies of Bill Baker
Best Actress: Virginia Dutton for Saturnalia
Best Actress: C. Frasier Press for Theresa Is A Mother
Best Director of a Narrative: Darren Press and C. Fraiser Press for Theresa Is A Mother
In keeping with our mission statement we look to honor: Personal Stories, Original Ideas, and New Work in special categories
Personal Stories: The Lady in Number 6
Original Ideas: Christopher Malinowski for Yes, Your Tide Is Cold and Dark, Sir
New Work: Unforgettable Fire: *the story of a U2 Tribute Band
NY Filmmaker Award: Richard Uhlig and Don Cato for My Kansas
Best Doumentary Feature: 16 Photographs at Ohrdruf
Best Narrative Feature: Theresa Is A Mother
Best of Fest: Boogie Stomp!

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