Jun 4

Kirk Gostkowski here, Associate Artistic Director of VTG

So I’ve thought about doing this for quite a while but I guess the time has come to make a blog. And when deciding what to contribute here I can only think of talking about what I know and love best: entertainment

I’ve been a movie junky ever since I can remember. At 3 years old I learned how to use the VCR and haven’t looked back since. I even had my stint working at the local video store doing what I’ll do for you here, making recommendations.

So if you’re looking for movies, tv shows, theater, or even comic books I’ll try and send you in the right direction. (Yes, that’s right I actually read those books all your favorite movies are based off of.)

So to be clear I’d like you to think of these as recommendations, not reviews.  I’ve always avoided doing this in the past because I don’t want to be the guy who publicly goes around bashing other people’s work.  It’s not that I don’t have feelings and opinions on the matter but I’d rather just stay positive on the whole thing.  Actors can have their work changed by directors; directors can have their work changed by studios… this list continues.  The person you could be bashing may not have had anything to do with the decision you so vehemently hate.  And to be honest, I tend to focus on the positives when viewing something. Things may not always be perfect but they can be unique and special in their own way.

So let the games begin… If I feel like I should tell you about something I will shoot it out. If it’s something old or new and I feel like talking about it I’ll send it out.  And if I see any articles that are cool I’ll shoot them your way as well.

-To the beginning of a beautiful friendship-


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  • Pamela Winfrey Said on June 23rd, 2012 at 8:33 am:

    Dear Kirk, My new favorite movie is called “Dorm”. It is Korean (I think) and a great ghost story. You can find it on Netflix streaming. There is one scene in a dry swimming pool that is worth the whole film. Nice meeting you the other day, Pamela

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