Jan 30

We are holding auditions this Wednesday evening. Email me at rich@variationstheatregroup.com if you are interested. See below for the breakdown!

Variations Theatre Group is proud to present the world-premiere of Jay Prasad’s new play, Prisoner of Love. Prisoner of Love tells the story of Julian, imprisoned for fifteen (15) years for a crime that wasn’t his fault, Julian must now face the outside world. Dealing with his own demons, Julian is thrust into deciding the fate of his family who abandoned him. Prisoner of Love deals with the battle for freedom and the fact that it never seems to come without a price!

Character Breakdown:

Julian: late 20′s-40′s – A convicted murderer who is just released from prison. He is rugged, rough around the edges, but quite intelligent. Should be well built. Any race.

Pauline 25-35: One of the 3 adopted sisters to Julian. She is a sexual deviant, dripping with clever wit, and uses her body/looks to control all of the men.

Norma 30-40: Middle adopted sister. She is a film maker who is quite emotional and unstable.

Janice 40-50: Oldest adopted sister. She is the mother hen who seems to have her own way of life.

Ralph 40-50: Janice’s husband. Very conservative man. Former D.A. who is running for Senate.

Kurt 30-40: Norma’s boyfriend. Psychologist who is a little quirky and a little off the wall.