Jun 21

Variations Theatre Group is pleased to announce the first annual American Avant-Garde Arts Festival

New York, NY, July 1st, 2011 – Committed to the discovery of fresh voices in the American Theatre Variations Theatre Group, Inc. (VTG) is proud to present the American Avant-Garde Arts Festival.

The American Avant-Garde Arts Festival features over 15 multi-media pieces from all over the United States of America. VTG Artistic Direct…or Rich Ferraioli said, “We are really excited to get to work with so many new and talented artists. Part of our mission is to provide an opportunity for new works to be showcased and performed. This festival is exactly that outlet!”

Performances will take place at the Hudson Guild Theatre, located in Chelsea (441 W 26th St). The schedule is as follows:

1st Round: 7:00pm & 9:00pm on July 14th, 15th, 19th; 5pm, 7pm, & 9pm on the 16th and 3pm, 5pm, & 7pm on the 17th

Semi-Finals: July 20th & 21st @ 7:00pm
Wild Card Night: July 22nd @ 7:00pm
Closing Ceremony & Finals: July 23rd @ 7:00pm

Tickets are $15.00 for all rounds. The closing ceremony/final round tickets are $18.00. For ticket information and specific details, please visit www.variationstheatregroup.com.
Contact VTG at info@variationstheatregroup.com or 646-400-3253.

The selected participants are:

Group 1:
Fault Line
Written by: Laura Zlatos
“An unhappily married woman struggles to be a “good wife” in a society that punishes adultery with extreme violence, causing calamity that erupts from the fault lines of the earth.”

tweed is Orange
Written by: Jodi Van Der Horn-Gibson
“A play that lives in the subconscious rather than the conscious mind.”

Juggler on the Roof
Written by: Scott Gerschwer
“If the Jews of Tsarist Russia were Fiddling on the Roof, the Jews of Israel are Juggling on it!”

Group 2:
Unaccompanied Minors
Written by: Marcia R. Rudin
“When Kayla and Susan meet at their tenth year college reunion the bitter conflicts they had as roommates their freshmen year due to differences in personality, class, and above all race…EXPLODE again.”

Eating Skeletons
Written by: Jen Rubin
“Competitive child actresses duke it out at the final callback for a famous 1980’s TV series then reconnect years later in a college theater program as they ponder the meaning of theater, art, and whether or not to eat!”

Written By: Wade Savitt
“The depth of the bow to the Japanese Prime Minister, the color of one of the beers in the Beer Summit, and other strangely visceral images from Obama’s first two years expanded and explored. Politics as gossip.”

Group 3:
Robot Heaven
Written By: Nick Robideau
Produced By: Cipherstone
“Cold metal, circuitry, and mortal fear!”

White Birches
Written By: Susan Merson
Produced By: NY Theatre Intensives
“With the press of midlife, some dreams must die.”

Sign of the Times
Written By: Jeff Helgeson
“Sign of the Times “updates William Butler Yeats’ poem ‘The Second Coming’ for our current age of diminishing expectations.” – The Chicago Reader

Group 4:
Chemo: A Love Story
Written By: Keith Walker
“Chemo: Does a body good, got cancer?”

My Play
Written By: Sarah Dooley
“Two struggling playwrights at a Starbucks, one idea for a play. It writes itself.”

Written By: Adam Kreiselman
“S.M.E.G.M.A. (Securing Maximum Energy by Gathering Male Abundance): In the future, all men will have to pull together to save the environment.”

Group 5:
The American Death of Mayo Boy
Written By: Nick Nappo
“There is war. There is love. There is hate. There is America. There is Mayonnaise.”

Beyond Beauty
Produced By: JT Lotus Dance Company
Choreographed By: Jessie Tomanek
“The paint are the dancers, as the stage is the canvas”

The One You Marry
Created & Produced By: RiverWide Productions
“The One You Marry is a film about three friends who are each forced to confront their own romantic futures on the eve of their long-absent best friend’s wedding. As their stories interweave all three find themselves flustered by the finality of their friend’s decision, yet each young woman must make a choice of her own before the night is through”

Group 6:
True Love
Written By: Paul Testagrossa
“Just when you think everything is a-ok, swell, and dandy – watch out! You never know what can be changing in your life, even if everything looks statically fixed forever…”

God’s Answering Machine
Written By: Bennett Barouch
“Through a series of exchanges with God’s Answering Machine and with God, a journalist comes to discover much about himself, the human condition, and the value of the life he has left to live.”

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