Feb 26

So we got off to a good start with the last three performances of Fool For Love. Last night was exceptionally well received and we had a great performance for a few critics as well! Audiences have really loved not only the phenomenal performances by our artists but also have raved about the outstanding and beautiful set! We have been blessed by a lot of talented people coming together to put this show on for you all! I hope you come out and join us! It will be an honor to see you! We will grab drinks afterwards!

Come on out!


Feb 24

Well, it has been a little while since our last post but we are hoping to be posting more often now that we are up and running. Fool For Love opened last night to a very energetic audience who seemed to enjoy the show a lot. Tonight is Pay What You Can night and this is one of those times that I really look forward to. Not only because most of our artist friends come on these nights as it is cheap but because it just has a different vibe in the audience. This is the perfect show for that vibe.

This process has been a crazy one from seeing over 200 women for the role of May to building the most extensive set yet for VTG. We are really going above our comfort zone with this show and production. So hopefully we continue to get the support that we have come to expect!

On a side note, i have to send a special note out there for a few people who have worked countless hours in the past few days getting this show ready. Stephanie Ferraioli, India Smith, Tracy Hussey, and Cody Borror have put in numerous hours ensuring that this show goes up with out a hitch! To them I am forever in debt. Many others have helped out in the past few days and I thank them for that!

Okay well hope to see you all at the show. For more information visit www.variationstheatregroup.com.