Nov 21

Well they say it ain’t over till it’s over…and it is over! We loaded out this morning and are working on Oregon (our next piece) already!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the festival. It was a huge success! And frankly, a really fun and exciting times! It was great meeting everyone and working with such talented individuals!

Special Congrats to all of the winners from last nights final round:

Best Play: Last Actor StandingBest Actor: Michael Edan, Last Actor StandingBest Actress: Sonya Hamlin Hourglass; Best Director: Matthew Groff, Welcome Back, Lloyd; Audience Favorite: Uncomfortable Sex

There were also several humorous awards given out. If you missed out…there’s always next year! Anyway, thank you again and check your emails tomorrow for some final information!


Nov 19

Well this is the moment we have all been waiting for….

But first, remember that we still have tomorrow night the Wild Card Round. One of these shows will be added to our final performance.

Wild Card – Wild Card Night @ 8pm – Naked Came the Painting; Can’t You See?; Pervert; Foot Fetish; and The Dog House

Finals – Saturday, 11/20/10 @ 7pm – Uncomfortable Sex, Hourglass, Welcome Back, Lloyd, No Telling, The Last Actor Standing

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Nov 18

As we continue to watch the 2nd Semi-Final shows, let’s take a moment to announce that in approximately 4 hours we will be announcing our Five (5) finalists. Tomorrow night we will add one (1) more show to our finals. That will give us six (6) shows that will perform in front of a packed house, a panel of judges, and hopefully you! Come on out and support your favorite show! And then we will have our closing ceremony! The ceremony is sure to be a great time! Remember Saturday is a day to look your best. I know I’m wearing my tux!


Nov 17

Well it was bound to happen…we are working in the most saturated area for theatre in the world! Actors get other gigs, technicians get paid for something else, or you just get busy! Therefore, we have a few changes to the semi-final round schedules…as things change we will post them here so keep checking back in case you miss something. Here is the most up to date schedule as of 12:00pm on Wednesday afternoon:   

Tonight, Wednesday, 11/17/10 @ 7pm – Semi-Final 1:  

 The Walkaway by Sean Pomposello

 Every Rose Has Its Thorg by Corey Pajka


Compound Bow by Isaac Rathbone  

No Telling by Daina Schatz  

Last Actor Standing by Michael Edan   


Thursday, 11/18/10 @ 7pm – Semi-Final 2:  




Rehearsal by Sean Ireland 

Hourglass by Richard Gaw 

Subpoena Envy by Dan Friedman 

Welcome Back, Lloyd by Isaac Rathbone 

Uncomfortable Sex by Lorin Howard


Friday, 11/19/10 @ 8pm - Wild Card Night: 


Naked Came the Painting by LindaAnn Loschiavo 


Can’t You See by Jason Sebacher (still waiting confirmation) 

Foot Festish by Sean Ireland (still waiting confirmation) 

The Dog House by Sean Pomposello

Nov 17

Oh boy, it has been a long and winding road but we are starting to see the end of the tunnel! As I post this entry, half asleep, and realizing I’ll be getting up in 3 hours for work….I can’t come up with anything intelligent to say. So…all I have to say is Congrats! It was a really tough decision making process and our very last night was a game changer! Congrats to all of the shows and we were able to put in even an extra show in our Wild Card Night due to scheduling…it is going to be a heck of a few nights so I hope you come out to support! Remember that your vote counts!

Any rate, here’s what you are looking for the semi-finals: (in order of performance)

Wed: The Walkaway, Foot Fetish, Compound Bow, No Telling, and Last Actor Standing. Thursday: Rehearsal, Hourglass, Subpoena Envy, Welcome Back, Lloyd, and Uncomfortable Sex.

Friday (Wild Card Night): Naked Came the Painting, In the Moment; Every Rose Has Its Thorg, and The Dog House!

Thanks again,