Aug 28

I’ve never blogged before! This is so much fun!

So, always the one to be a day late and a dollar short, I finally saw Avatar. Yes, I know…I’m probably the last soul on earth to see this film. 10 years in the making, eh?

Is it OK to not like it? I don’t know if I was let down so much because of the insane amount of hype that surrounded this film, or if it just wasn’t too spectacular on its own right. But either way-not impressed. It was visually pretty, but not fascinating or unusual. Standard plot line, the inspirations from which they drew the visuals were blatant. I get that this was supposed to be amazing in that they created a world all from their own, but so did Tolkein in the Hobbit.

Should I keep with my trend and hold out to see Inception?

Also, I’m totally skeeved out by the bedbug infestation and movie theaters. Gross. I’m going home this morning for more wedding stuff with Mum, so perhaps I’ll see Inception in the safety of a clean theater of the countryside.

-india (assistant to Mrs. Ferraioli)

Aug 16


Just wanted to provide you with a brief update on Oregon. We are 4/5th cast and awaiting the last person to join us on this journey. It is going to be one heck of an experience so I hope he decides it is right for him. We have decided to run Oregon by itself in September at the Bridge Theatre and hopefully we will be able to have special performances for different groups of people. More on that to come!

We hopefully will have some very exciting news to announce this week. We are planning a huge event that could be epic when it is all said and done. I can’t get into details yet but it is going to be something to keep your eyes on….

Finally, a quick note in regards to this whole blog thing. I hope that the rest of our company joins in and posts some different things. The goal is for everyone to get to know our company as a whole and also as individuals. So, i have asked them to also post things that are interesting and not just theatre related so…two quick things for me:

My wife and I spent a much needed “date night/day” together yesterday after a crazy few weeks where I was busy with The Shape of Things and she was swamped painting for several things including Top Chef (yes she painted for next season including the main sign…it looks awesome)…anyway, so we decided to go see Inception that so many people were raving about! The movie was awesome! Absolutely awesome! A little slow in the beginning but most certainly one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. The other thing to note is we found an AMAZING restaurant on 34th Ave in LIC, NY. It is called 5 Napkin Burger Bar & Grille. Now, I have heard that they have a few in Manhattan but this one just opened up two months ago. It is absolutely the best restaurant we have been to in a long time. I had a turkey burger that was to die for and she had a tuna burger that she says was good…haha. Anyway, I highly suggest it if you are in the neighborhood, right by Kauffman Studios.

Okay well I hope everyone has a great week!

~ Rich

Aug 10

Variations Theatre Group is trying to stay updated with the times…I know we are all under the age of 30 but seriously there is a lot of changing technologies out there and we want to remain current! As our Director of Development always says, we are young and fresh and we should tell people about that! Anyway, we have started a blog on our website for our members, artists, and audiences to keep up with what is going on! I can’t guarantee that we will always be grammatically correct, always sound intelligent, or even make sense but we will always have something to say!

So…today we have started pre-production on our next piece Oregon. I have gotten in touch with several middle age actors to possibly come in to read for two of the roles. This is a great piece that we are going to be working hard on the next month. There is a lot of work to be done but after the response from Shape of Things…we are excited to continue our success! We will hopefully be adding new things to the website about Oregon and our other productions soon so keep in touch!

Well that’s where we are at. Thank you for reading and check back frequently to see what is up!

~ Rich